When I graduated high school, I pictured the next four years of my life furthering my education at San Diego State University. I imagined a new life full of adventure and happiness, while basking in the California sun. It wasn’t until I left my small hometown in northern New Jersey to travel across the country, that I was confronted with my biggest struggle to date. Finding myself. That journey involved reading lots of self help books, strengthening my relationships with friends and family, and writing. I started interning and writing for The Odyssey Online and after a successful two years and promotion to Assistant Editor, I was inspired to create the blog you’re currently reading from!

After one semester at San Diego State, I decided to transfer to a school closer to home. Since attending Rutgers University, Newark, I can honestly say I’ve never been happier! I officially declared a double major in Geoscience and Journalism and New Media Studies in the second semester of my sophomore year. I am hoping to receive my Bachelor of Arts in both courses by 2019. Aside from blogging and attending university, I nanny a family of three, am a camp counselor, part-time waitress, coach of a local cheerleading team and an as-needed-intern at Advertising Production Resources. I am a sister of three brothers, daughter, cousin, niece and friend to some of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met. I am also an avid thrill seeker and globe trotter!

I am not a travel blogger 365 days a year. Yet. I love exploring new places and taking others along for the journey, literally and figuratively. I’ve traveled to Sri Lanka, England, France, Mexico, the Bahamas, Australia, New Zealand and all across the United States. My love for travel is what inspired me to study abroad in Sydney, Australia the first semester of my junior year (July-December 2017).

I have many hopes for this blog. I hope to keep it as authentic and transparent as possible, sharing college, travel, fashion and lifestyle tips. I also hope to have this blog be a safe space to share my experiences and for my readers to comment their positive opinions as well. It would be a real dream come true if I could make blogging a part time job, centered around traveling and environmental issues.

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