The Mirror Lakes

The Mirror Lakes

Today I wanted to share some of the photos I took of New Zealand’s famous Mirror Lakes. The Mirror Lakes are a quick stop and short walk on the road to the Milford Sound. The road to the Milford Sound is 158.1 miles, so it is a couple hour drive depending on how fast you’re going. It is amusing to know that the drive can be made more bearable by the variety of stops that can be made along the way. I’ll be posting an extensive blog post on how exactly to road trip to Milford Sound soon, along with my suggestions!

Enjoy the photos and comment below what you think! Would you visit New Zealand’s Mirror Lakes?

At first glance I thought the sign had fallen, then I realized why it is upside down….

The snow capped the mountain tops, but it wasn’t too cold from where we stood. All we wore was a light jacket.The snowcaps blended in with the cloudy white sky. I tried to distinguish the two with editing!



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