9 Things On My Sydney Bucketlist: October 2017

9 Things On My Sydney Bucketlist: October 2017

I apologize in advance for the picture overload in this post! Bianca, Tia and I had a wonderful day at the beach this past Thursday. The weather in Australia is finally getting above 80 degrees Fahrenheit (30ish degrees Celsius…I think)! Since starting my study abroad adventures in July, the weather has been in the 60s and 70s AND IT’S FINALLY WARM!!!! We’ve been eagerly awaiting summertime weather. I can’t wait to get tan and go home to New Jersey to a snowy December with tanned skin.

With the warmer weather, comes the opportunity to do more things outside! My October bucketlist has grown and I’m excited to share it with you.

Port Stephens – Dolphin Watching and Sand Dune Surfing

Port Stephens, which is located in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, is home to a magnificent bay and monumental sand dunes (the largest in the southern hemisphere)! Known for its Humpback whale and dolphin sitings, I’ve heard it is a must-do while in the Sydney area. Colourful Trips offers a cruise that takes you to dolphin watch and then sand slide down huge dunes and 4WD on the beach. My love for nature and adventure is calling me to see what all the hype is about for myself. When in Tasmania, a lovely couple we met in our tour group recommended we do this specific trip because they had such an amazing time.

Figure 8 Pools

Located south of Burning Palms Beach in Royal National Park, the Figure Eight Pools are a natural rock formation in an ocean rock platform. The 3.5km hike is a level four and is quite challenging. We’ve been told by others who have visited the epic pools that we should be prepared for a workout. The park can only be visited at low tide, so before we visit we’ll have to check when that is. Finding Lala recommends we use Willy Weather to check the tides. It can get super busy with tourists as well, so we are hoping to visit on a weekday to avoid a huge crowd. Be sure to stay updated on my blog, because I will be most definitely writing a blog post about my experience when I get the chance to go!

Taronga Zoo

Only a train ride away from the Macquarie University station, the zoo is home to Australia’s most notable creatures AND MORE! The zoo even has a few endangered species and a Gorilla exhibit. The zoo also provides an exceptional view of the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House! There are discounted prices for students so we can’t NOT take advantage of that.

Surf at Bondi Beach

Bianca and Tia have been itching to take surf lessons. I can totally understand because if you didn’t surf in Australia, did you even go there? Regardless, I feel like surfing in Australia is something talented surfers from around the world only dream to do. At Manly Beach, there are surfers everywhere and it is SO easy to rent a surf board. I’m sure it’s the same thing in Bondi, we just haven’t checked it out yet. When I was attending school at San Diego State University, I actually took a semester long surfing class! I know the basics of surfing and would probably skip the lesson. I’m definitely going to try it out again at least ONCE! Might not go very well…. but I’m optimistic!

Cathedral Rocks of Kiama

This distinctive rock formation in the northern portion of Kiama at the southern end of Jones Beach is a fascinating site. Having been eroding for many years, these volcanic rocks are (supposedly) amazing to photography! It is called Cathedral Rocks because they resemble the spires of a church!

 Cliff Jump

AroundYou.com.au suggests a few different cliff jumping spots that I’ll have to check out. Back home, my friends and I like to cliff jump at Bear Pond or Adam’s Falls. I love the exhilarating feeling and twist on the usual beach day. How cool would it be to cliff jump in Australia?!?!

Cider Festival

On Sunday October 22nd, the Watson Bay Boutique Hotel is hosting a cider festival! This is this specific cider festival’s fourth year, incorporating food trucks with cider tastings. The drinking age in Australia is eighteen and since being exposed to more alcoholic beverages I’ve found myself drawn to ciders. I’m not really a big beer drinker (however, I love me some red wine) and cider is a good substitute for that. With live entertainment, DJs, competitions, prizes and freebies, I am excited to try all the different kinds of ciders! The event will feature some popular national and international Cider brands, including my personal favorite– 5 Seeds!

Wollongong, Australia

When I was told you could see the Milky Way super clearly in Wollongong, it became a MUST DO on my bucketlist! I LOVE the stars…. I even wanted to be an astronaut and debated majoring in astronomy in college. Other than the beautiful star views, Wollongong is home to the Nan Tien Temple. It is the largest Buddhist Temple in the Southern Hemisphere! Known for it’s beautiful architecture, art and culture, it attracts people from all over the world! I think it’d be cool to experience something new and spiritual.

Luna Park

Luna Park is Sydney’s trippy carnival located across the harbor from Circular Quay. There are a plethora of rides, including the iconicly photographed ferris wheel! I am especially excited to visit Luna Park for their Halloscream: Revenge of the Forgotten Funfair event. From the 27th to 31st of October, the park incorporates spooky-themed attractions. Whether we go to the park during Halloween or on a regular day, it’ll to embrace a day as a kid!

59 days until I come home!!! 6 more weekends until I go to Melbourne for cheer nationals and my Mom and Aunt arrive in Sydney!!!! 6 more weekends to get all of these goals done!!!! Where has the time gone?!?! Thank you again for reading!

Do you have any bucketlist items you recommend me checking out while in Australia? Comment below!!


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