Living The Dream In Bondi Beach

Living The Dream In Bondi Beach

My friends and family have been asking me questions along the lines of “Riley, why haven’t you done anything cool in the last two weeks?” Well…. school, cheer and working out have been taking up all my time. So when a small opportunity of free time presented itself, we jumped at the chance to do something exciting! We decided to skip a class or two (since attendance doesn’t count and lectures are online…. sorry Mom) and take the train to Bondi Beach!

We decided to start our adventures in Coogee and take the Coastal Walk to Bondi! The train and bus ride from the university to Coogee is about an hour and a half long, however the trip went by relatively quickly because Tia, Bianca and I kept each other occupied by telling stories and laughing. We got to the water about two hours before sunset. Nothing was more breathtaking then watching the sun’s deep orange gaze reflect off of the ocean. The pictures can barely capture the beauty, but they do a relatively good job…..

The wind was crazy at the beach and it was quite cold. We unfortunately did not nearly see the entire Coast Walk, as it is 6 kilometres and 5 beaches long! We will definitely have to go back when it is warmer to see more and enjoy the beaches.

I really like my outfit and hair in these pictures! I’ve noticed Australians rock the casual yet put-together fashion. It inspired me to put my own twist on it with some frayed jeans and a white blouse, both from Forever 21.

Does anyone else think this is a weird sign?

While on the Coastal Walk, we did not release we would find ourselves at a cemetery! The Coastal Walk winds through Waverley Cemetery, that opened in 1877. I have a strange admiration for cemeteries. I find peace in reading the tombstones and imagining the lives the dead have lived. Call me weird, but I can’t help it! You could imagine my excitement when we suddenly found ourselves amongst thousands of tombstones. From family crypts to statues, never did we feel creeped out or uncomfortable with the wind blowing in our faces and the view of the sky painted pink and purple. It was stunning. How do I get myself a spot in this arena?

We finished off our day with a stop at a local burger joint where we got to try a kangaroo burger! I am always open to trying new foods and fully experiencing the culture. My kangaroo burger tasted a lot like sausage, but not the good kind. I wasn’t really a fan. I guess that’s a good thing because although the Australians consider kangaroos a pest, I am still awestruck by them.

I can’t wait to go back to Bondi Beach when it’s warm and see the famous infinity pools in the daylight. Days like this remind me why I wanted to travel to Australia in the first place– to see these beautiful places and be in the moment. I’ve always found it difficult to be in the moment. My thoughts wander and my heart yearns for something to be different, whether it be wishing my family and friends were there with me or how I could’ve worn a different pair of shoes. It is when my mind pauses and the thoughts go silent, like they did a few times today, that I find myself in the moment.

Thank you again for reading.


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  1. Sandra McCloskey
    August 18, 2017 / 4:44 pm

    I so loved looking at these pictures of the beach. I love the beach. The water is so pretty. Hopefully, you will return and be able to walk through all of the beaches. I am so glad your having a great time.

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