Everything You Need To Know About The French Onion Soup Burger

Everything You Need To Know About The French Onion Soup Burger

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the viral Facebook video showcasing Le Rivage’s French Onion Soup Burger.

This burger tastes like French onion soup.

Posted by INSIDER posted this on Thursday, January 26, 2017.

As soon I saw this on my Facebook feed I texted my best friend saying we are going to this restaurant as soon as possible. Knowing that I love French Onion Soup more than any other soup in the world, she proposed that we take the train from my school in Newark to NYC the following Tuesday.

Le Rivage is located at 340 West 46th Street in New York City. Promptly in the center of Restaurant Row, this French Restaurant was unbeknownst to me until the French Onion Soup Burger went viral. I laughed when I arrived because I was eating at Don’t Tell Mama three doors down a few weeks before. Little did I know at that time that the restaurant with my new favorite dish was a few steps away.

If you’re French Onion soup obsessed, like I am, there are two things you should know (as a college student) before taking the trip to Le Rivage.

You can only order from a prix fixe menu.

Le Rivage offers two prix fix 3 course meal menus options. One prix fix meal is $39, offered from 3pm to close and offers a broad selection of famous french appetizers and entrees. From escargot to Canard  à L’Orange, this is a classic French menu with a few twists. However, there is a second A La Carte Menu offered only after 7:30pm that is only $29. Minus the escargot and traditionally French Onion Soup, this menu still offers the French Onion Soup Burger but with more limited choices for appetizers.

The check can only be split between three cards unless one notifies the staff beforehand.

An amateur mistake, but my five friends and I forgot to let the wait staff know we would all be having separate checks. This caused a hassle for the wait staff and an overwhelming scenario for my friends and I. Luckily, two of us paid with cash and the other three split the check evenly between cards. But this process took FOREVER. Maybe it is because this fancy restaurant staff isn’t used to college students on a budget, but this process took longer than expected and we missed the train we planned to return back to Newark on.

Be sure, if you’re a college student planning to take the trip to Le Rivage with your friends and you’re paying separately, to make that known at the beginning of your meal.

Well, what’s my opinion of the French Onion Soup Burger?


This burger is truly amazing. It is not a surprise that Le Rivage’s Chef Denamiel won the “Judge’s Choice” award in New York City’s Wine & Food Festival’s 2013 “Burger Bash” with this phenomenal burger.

The patty is seasoned with salt, pepper, drawn butter and brown sugar before it hits the grill. After the first flip, he puts on a slice of a Swiss-Gruyere-type cheese called Emmenthal, which melts around the patty to seal in the medium rare juices. This then gets placed onto a butter-toasted sandwich-sized English muffin, and then topped with cognac-reduced confit onions, and then a bechamel cheese sauce for good measure. The top bun is placed on top, and then the French flag toothpick with roasted cocktail onion and gherkin gets popped on.

This burger easily made my top three favorite foods. The first bite took my taste buds on a journey that only one other burger has taken me on. That other burger being Applebee’s Quesadilla Burger (don’t judge me). I walked out stuffed, but wanted more.

I took my Mom back to Le Rivage for her 49th birthday, with my Aunts because I needed an excuse for another taste of the French Onion Soup Burger. Needless to say, I got my French Onion Soup-loving Mom fixed on it too.

All in all, Le Rivage is worth the trip. You need to try this.


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