My College Dorm at Rutgers University – Newark, University Square

My College Dorm at Rutgers University – Newark, University Square

Moving into a dorm is one of the most exciting parts about going to college! It is a chance to express yourself and be creative! As well as learn how to live away from home and adjust to the adult lifestyle. Reading blogs and watching Youtube videos of college dorm room tours is one of my favorite things, especially when you can find a tour for the dormitory you’re going to be moving into. Getting inspiration and an idea of how you want to decorate and organize through someone else’s bedroom is a great way to start planning what you want your space to look like.

When I moved to a new dorm on campus at Rutgers University in Newark for my sophomore year, I could find zero pictures of what my future room/apartment would look like, so I was blind when it came to having a visual stimuli to base what I was going to purchase for my future living quarters. I went on a whim and used inspiration from other dorm rooms I found online.

I wanted to have a tapestry and I wanted it to be travel oriented, even though I found out later that RU deems them a fire hazard (but I still keep mine up… shh don’t tell), so I used Society6 to find the perfect tapestry. My quilt bedspread is from Urban Outfitters, as well as most of my pillows. All the necessities, like the desk mirror, storage bins and lamps are all from Bed Bath and Beyond.

I love my room! I hope you can use it as inspiration. If you go to Rutgers Newark and are living or going to be living in University Square, I hope you can use it as a guide for what the space looks like! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or message me privately and I will help you more with anything you need!


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