Top 10 Society6 Tapestries for Your College Bedroom!

Top 10 Society6 Tapestries for Your College Bedroom!

Your college dorm room is a place to creatively express yourself like never before. Unlike your bedroom at home, you have no parent telling you what you can and can not hang on the walls (unless you have strict rules to adhere too from your college). But with the ability to freely express yourself, one can get as creative as possible with decorations– from DIYs to tapestries.

When it came to my hunt for the perfect tapestry for my dorm room, I visited sites likes Etsy and Urban Outfitters. However, I was constantly confronted with the traditional tapestry that everyone else had. It wasn’t until I discovered Society6 that I was able to find my perfect tapestry! If you’ve never heard of Society6, prepare to get addicted! The site employs artists to sell their artwork through the site– all art is available on a variety of products– from tapestries, throw pillows to clocks! Artists control the rights to their work, and they also get to set prices for their art prints! It is an awesome way to expose your work, and for the consumer to find the perfect art for you!

Tapestries are an awesome way to take up blank space on your wall and bring color into an otherwise jail-like room. Society6 has an amazing selection and here are my top ten picks.

1. World Map Watercolor for the hippie traveler

2. Seek Treasure for the quote inspired

3. Bieszczady Mountains for the hiker

4. Sunflowers for the color motivated

5. Happiness – Turn the Light On (JK Rowling Quote) for the Harry Potter fan

6. Wolf for the animal lover

7. Constellation Map Indigo for those guided by astrology

8. Phases of the Moon for the moonchild

9. Vintage American Flag because ‘Merica

10. Music for those who can’t live without it


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