What I Intend For This Blog

What I Intend For This Blog

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been writing. I used to type up stories on my Mom’s computer, and then illustrate them. I still have them in my room back home. Anyways, with my passion for writing has come my yearn to pursue it in some way. When I moved to San Diego to attend SDSU for my first semester of my freshman year, I made a wordpress blog and wrote daily journals. In these daily journals, I’d write about my experiences in a place so far away from home and how I felt about it. I got a huge amount of positive feedback and was later introduced to The Odyssey Online (which I wrote about my experience with here). Going on more than a year now, I’ve used The Odyssey Online to expose myself to the nature of online journalism and get positive feedback from my editors and peers.

I’ve always wanted to make my own blog. So I decided to kick off the new year with the purchasing and creating of my own blog titled “Riley E Dixon.” With this blog, I hope to create a dedicated following who are interested in my traveling, lifestyle and college tips. And hopefully in the future, begin earning money from my blog and participating in sponsorships. Ultimately, my dream is to be a successful blogger who maybe even gets paid to travel and research. I am doing a lot of traveling in 2017, so I hope to use those opportunities as a means of writing and sharing my experiences with others to gain a following. There are many opportunities that come with having a safe space to write, and I hope that nothing but positivity comes from it.

With that, subscribe to my blog via email or Bloglovin’. Maybe even pin one of my posts on Pinterest. Comment and let me know what you want to see and how you hope to see me thrive in 2017. There’s nothing but opportunity in the future and I am prepared to grab every single one.



  1. Monica Algya
    December 9, 2016 / 5:12 pm

    Proud of you Ri! You’ve already accomplished and grown so much in the short time that I’ve known you. Shoot for the stars girlfriend – love and miss your smiling face! ❤️

    • Riley Dixon
      December 12, 2016 / 9:36 pm

      You’re the best. This brightened my day. Miss and love you <3

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