Why I Chose EF College Break’s The Ultimate Tour of Europe

Why I Chose EF College Break’s The Ultimate Tour of Europe

I first heard of EF College Break from a follow college student and friend, Meredith, who I had met whilst at school at San Diego State University. Meredith lived a few doors down from me in our dorm/apartment complex and we kicked it off immediately with our passion for tattoos and adventure. We both ended up transferring to different schools at the end of our first semester at SDSU, but have stayed in touch through social media since then. During the summer of 2016, Meredith shared her trip through Europe on Instagram for all to see. Like many others, I was mesmerized. Where is she? How is doing all this? How do I do this? Is it expensive? Did she go alone? With those questions in mind, I reached out to her and discovered she was taking the trip through a company called EF College Break. With that knowledge, I became sparked with a passion to partake in such an amazing experience as well.

For those unfamiliar, EF College Break is a company that organizes a variety of trips for those between the ages of 18 and 28. Included in a set price for each trip is accommodations for ones round trip flights, travel between cities, a full-time tour director, hand-picked accommodations, guided sightseeing, free breakfast daily, a welcome mixer, and a farewell dinner. The entire trip is meant to be as cheap as possible for the best accommodations with a multitude of students your age. Knowing the struggles of planning my previous trip to Europe with my Mom, I knew there was no better deal than this. Traveling to Europe is expensive and a lot to plan if you want to hit more than one country. EF College Break offers an opportunity like non others, to meet knew friends and see the world. After looking into what the company offers, there was nothing I wanted more than to be apart of one their experiences of a lifetime.

I like to think I live by the motto Go Big or Go Home. In other words, if I’m going to do something I’m going to do it to the highest extent it can go. For example, when I wanted to cut my hair from below my collar bone to a pixie cut– I went Miley Cyrus style instead of Jennifer Lawrence. When I wanted to finally get myself an iPhone, I reached for the only available iPhone 6 Plus at the time. So when I was looking through EF College Break’s variety of trips, I knew I didn’t want to just see one city in Europe– I wanted to see them all.

EF College Break offers two across Europe tours– “Ultimate Europe” and “Grand Tour of Europe.” The Grand Tour of Europe hits major cities such as London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Venice, Florence, Rome, Provence, Barcelona and Madrid. Where Ultimate Europe hits a few of the same cities, minus London, plus Athens and The Greek Islands. When it came to determining what trip I wanted to take I took advice from my well travel-endowed Aunt Jillian who differentiated the two trips in one simple way. Do you want city experiences without a chance to beach or city experiences with some beautiful beach as well? Did I want to go to London or the Greek Islands? I did want to visit London, again (I took a trip there for my sixteenth birthday) but I also wanted to visit the beautiful Athens and Greek Islands.

The Grand Tour of Europe

Ultimate Europe 

What did I want for the summer vacation of a life time? After much debate, I decided visiting Greece was on the top of my bucket list and I could for sure see London and Madrid another time. I knew I loved London and I was going to be visiting another city in Spain, so if I like it, I can plan to visit Madrid another time.

I embark on my journey May 17th-June 20th of 2017. I am super excited and one of the pain reasons I wanted to start this blog was so that I can share my amazing experience before, during, and after the trip with the world. Stay tuned.


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