What It Is Like To Be In Jimmy Fallon’s Audience

What It Is Like To Be In Jimmy Fallon’s Audience

On November 22nd, I got the opportunity to see the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon live at Rockefeller Center.

My best friends’ girlfriend had entered a lottery on 1iota.com where she won four tickets to the live show. She had previously been to see Jimmy three times and wanted to give her new boyfriend and friends a chance to experience something amazingly cool.

And oh my god was seeing Jimmy live so awesome!

I had never been to a live taping of a television show before. So I had a lot of assumptions about how the taping of the show would work, but I was completely wrong.

For starters, the experience started with us meeting at 30 Rockefeller Center and finding our designated show taping. Seth Meyers was taping a monologue for his show and Jimmy was also taping his Thanksgiving episode the day we went. Therefore, my friends and I had to make sure we got in the right line.

The coordinators were super strict about taking pictures. Which sucked. Once we got upstairs, the only ones aloud to take pictures was the employees. Who I am guessing were interns? Carly, my friends’ girlfriend, said that she had asked the men and women who worked there how they got the job. They said “they knew someone who had a connection with NBC.” I guess I’ll have to search through my sea of family members to see if somebody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows NBC and or Jimmy Fallon.

I was completely shocked by the studio. It is much smaller than you would imagine. The audience was on a steep slant downwards to a hardwood floor set that consisted of three cameras, the band, and of course… Jimmy’s little area we all see on TV. It was pretty much like a medium to small size college lecture hall.

A comedian was assigned to entertain us for the time until the show started taping. He was very funny and was pleased to answer any audience questions about who, what, and how.

But when Jimmy came out, so did the rest of the crew. The camera crew and floor manager. His hair and makeup, and three producers (who ironically we sat right behind because we (by lottery and luck) got 2nd row seating).

I assumed that when the host messed up and it wasn’t actually live, they could just retape it to the way they wanted. However, Jimmy goes straight through his show with no breaks. He is truly great at what he does. Our guests for the night included Sarah Jessica Parker and cast members from Gilmore Girls. The interviews were so much quicker than they seem on TV, yet so authentic. I can see why celebrities fall in love with Jimmy.

Seeing Jimmy Fallon live and watching what he does truly inspired me. It definitely affirmed a lot of my hopes and dreams. As well, as put into perspective the realism of what goes on behind our television screens.

I am sure to try to get tickets for another show to take my parents because the experience was just too unreal to not want everyone I know and love to see too. And hopefully one day I can be sitting where Jimmy is– whether it be hosting my own talk show or reporting the news with an audience on GMA. It’s all possible, and Jimmy proved it.


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