My Experience With Odyssey Online

My Experience With Odyssey Online

With recent Facebook updates, you may’ve noticed some differences in your feed. No longer is your timeline consumed with Facebook status updates and wall posts between friends; it is lined with a variety of articles and videos from funny to serious. Facebook has become a place for bloggers, textual and visual journalists alike to get their content out into the world. And with that, new innovate platforms have risen.

You might have happened to come across and clicked on an article written under a platform known as Odyssey Online. If you did not already know, Odyssey Online is a platform for college students that gives one the opportunity to share what’s most important to them and their communities, enriching everyone with broader, more honest perspectives on topics they care about.

I’ve been an Odyssey content creator for a little over a year now. I first came across Odyssey Online when a status update from one of my Facebook friends’ informed me that they were starting their online internship with the outlet. She asked her Facebook friends to check out her first post and share. Intrigued by the fact someone my age had such an internship, I clicked the link, read her article, and wanted in.

Since being apart of Odyssey Online chapters at San Diego State University (where I studied for my first semester of my freshman year), Rutgers New Brunswick (since that was the only Rutgers Odyssey branch available at the time), and today Rutgers Newark, I have learned a lot. I’ve grown to perfect my writing skills, learned how to be an editor, gotten loads of my writings published for future reference, broadened horizons in my communities, and gained enough experience to feel comfortable in starting the blog you’re reading from today.

Odyssey Online is a lovely way to become a voice for your community, as well. For example, I have written an article expressing the hardships of what it is like to be a Rutgers Newark student in comparison to being a Rutgers New Brunswick student. As well as, written as a college student urging others to follow in my footsteps in becoming a babysitter for easy money in college. I receive tons of comments and feedbacks from my almost 5,000+ shares. Plus, I even get $20 when my article is the most shared in my branch for the week!

In conclusion, my experience with Odyssey Online has been an amazing one. I hope to continue my internship as long as I am allowed and can sustain it, to publish my works and have a voice in my online community. If you want a voice, I’d recommend applying for a position at your college and getting in on this amazing opportunity.


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